Structure of the association

The Hydro10 Association is a not-for-profit association that includes individual and collective memberships from universities and enterprises working in the water resources field.

The Association is composed of a general assembly, a steering committee and several technical committees. The steering committee makes the strategic decisions concerning the objectives and future realizations of the association. The technical committees are in charge of the technical and scientific monitoring of the different projects.

The association provides individual and collective membership, with a distinction between supporting and active members. Supporting members are those who support and benefit from the services proposed by the Association without participating in their creation or operation. Active members are those who create and/or participate in the statutory activities of the Association. Active members can be part of the technical committees.

Members’ benefits

People join our association for many reasons: they want to get involved, meet people, make new colleagues working in the same field, explore interests, develop leadership skills, improve engineer experiences or simply have fun. Our association needs new members because they bring new ideas and competences.

The members support the work of the association and have different advantages:

  • Updates of the programs supported by the associations by email;
  • Personal support for the applications and methodologies supported by the association;
  • Beta versions of the software applications;
  • Information about current events by email.

In addition to these benefits, members of Hydro10 Association are welcome to take part actively in the various working groups, forums and committees of the association.

Membership form


In accordance with the Articles of Hydro10 Association, membership must be confirmed by the steering committee. By submitting this form, you accept the conditions defined in the Articles.

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