The Hydro10 Association aims to share current techniques and tools used by hydro-engineers. The detailed objectives of the association are:

First Objective: Development and promotion of tools in the field of water

  • Support the development and utilization of computing and management tools in the fields of hydrology and hydraulics, particularly free tools;
  • Collaborate in the development of innovative methodologies to better manage water resources;
  • Promote the tools and methodologies to institutions and companies specialized in the field of water;
  • Centralize feedback and support the development of these tools and methodologies.

Second objective: Innovation and incubation of projects

  • Collaborate in the development of innovative projects, especially if they help to develop the tools and methodologies supported by the association;
  • Facilitate professional networking for these projects.

Third objective: Learning and training

  • Promote the development of user manuals and tutorials to showcase the tools and methodologies proposed by the association as well as and any other tool or methodology useful and interesting for the realization of projects in the field of water;
  • Provide practical and applied examples for these tools;
  • Provide training and personalized coaching for the use of these tools and methodologies.

Fourth objective: Sharing knowledge

  • Organize, consolidate and share knowledge between engineers and between engineers and enterprises.

This association was created in Switzerland in 2013 with the help of some motivated engineers wanting to share their knowledge and tools with other interested people.

techniques and tools for hydro-engineers